EARCLEAR Ear Syringe

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Ear Clear Ear Syringe

Sometimes using Ear Clear for Ear Wax Removal or other wax removal drops may not be enough to remove all the ear wax and syringing may be required. The Ear Clear Ear Syringe was developed to thoroughly clear the ear canal of wax and debris. It is suitable for use after treatment with Ear Clear for Ear Wax Removal ear drops but can also be used on its own. 

The Ear Clear Ear Syringe was designed by a doctor and developed to thoroughly clear the ear canal of wax and debris.

  • The Flared Design prevents over insertion into ear canal.
  • The Tri-Stream Tip directs water to ear canal walls and gently and thoroughly washes the ear canal.
  • The Exit Portals allow water and debris to drain in a controlled manner. It eliminates fluid backup and helps keep the user dry and clean.


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Product Description for EARCLEAR Ear Syringe

Preparing the syringe:

Carefully read instructions and warnings; improper use may result in injury.

  • Place tip on top of syringe and hand-turn clockwise until tight.
  • Wash syringe prior to first use with warm soapy water and thoroughly rinse several times to ensure soap residue is removed.
  • To fill syringe with water, push plunger in completely. Then place the tip of the syringe into drinking water that is at body temperature (37°C) and pull the plunger up until the required amount of water is in the syringe.

Using the syringe:
While seated, hold a small bowl under your ear to catch the running water. Your head should be tilted slightly toward the ear to be irrigated.

  • Gently insert the syringe tip fully into the ear canal.
  • Depress syringe plunger gradually to irrigate the ear. Never forcefully inject water into the ear canal.
  • When the ear canal is fully irrigated carefully remove syringe.
  • Clean syringe thoroughly after each use.


  • Never use cold water or hot water.
  • If you experience dizziness or pain, discontinue use. Do not resume irrigation without consulting a doctor.
  • Never irrigate ears if eardrum is known to be perforated, or if any drainage, bleeding, pain or irritation is present.
  • The syringe is not to be used without the tip or for any other purpose. Note – the syringe is not sterile.
  • The tri-stream tip is to be used only with the supplied syringe.
  • Use in children under twelve (12) years of age only on advice of a doctor or pharmacist.
  • You should use the syringe only to remove excessive ear wax as ear wax helps protect your ear.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist if symptoms persist.

Cleaning and Storage:

Wash the syringe thoroughly with warm soapy water. Rinse the syringe thoroughly, remove excess water and allow to air dry.
Store in a cool, dry place. Dispose of the syringe and its tip in household waste when no longer required.


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