WARTNER Common Wart Remover

Wartner Wart Removal System 50ml

Wartner is the only OTC product that treats warts in 20 seconds.
Wartner is a new remedy for warts based on a proven
technology. Wartner freezes the wart on the spot, resulting in
the formation of an (in)visible blister under the wart. After about
10 days, the frozen skin with the treated wart will fall off. In the
meantime, new skin will have been formed under the blister.

Normal warts are benign growths which consist of a nucleus of
connective tissue with blood vessels covered with layers of
epithelial tissue. You can recognize a normal wart by its rough,
‘cauliflower’-like surface.


Product Description for WARTNER Common Wart Remover

Wartner consist of:

* An aerosol spray can with a mixture of dimethylether and
propane, which is not harmful to the environment.
* Holder for the foam applicator.
* Ten foam applicators for ten treatments with Wartner.
* The information leaflet in which you can read everything about
the product, the way it works and the treatment of warts with