Vines Vintage Shave Cream 125mL

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Product Description for Vines Vintage Shave Cream 125mL

Brand: Vines Vintage
Size: 125ml
Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Jojoba Extrac

You may have grown up thinking of shaving cream as that ice cream-looking foam out of a spray can you can buy at any drug store. Vines Vintage would like you to aim a little higher than that with their own shaving cream, designed to make facial hair and faces feel so much better. Just apply and use it like you would any garden variety foam. Leave it on your face for a minute before shaving. It’s vitamin enriched to help skin stay healthy and feel smoother and softer. It’s enhanced with aloe vera to help increase oxygen supply to the skin, increasing its health and comfort. Added jojoba extract soothes and increases the moisturization for added comfort. Vines Vintage has been around since 1937, so you know this isn’t some hipster shaving cream. This is the real deal and has been so for decades. It’s not your dad’s shaving cream. It’s even better.


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