V-Comb Supra | Chemical free Head Lice & Egg Remover


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Product Description for V-Comb Supra | Chemical free Head Lice & Egg Remover

The LiceTec V-Comb Supra is DC powered and uses suction power combined with the ease of combing, to help eliminate head lice and eggs without allergens or chemicals.

The V-Comb has stainless-steel combing teeth and suction power to extract head lice and eggs into a disposable capture filter which can be seen through the LED-illuminated compartment.

The hygienic capture filter containing the extracted head lice and eggs are automatically sealed and easily slip out from the unit to the bin for a mess-free treatment. A hands-free solution!

Using capture filters, the V-Comb keeps head lice and eggs from falling onto the floor, clothes, or furniture and helps prevent re-infestation from occurring.

Includes 4 capture filters.


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