THIN LIZZY Mineral Foundation Loose Powder 15g

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Contains just a handful of key ingredients and is completely free from any preservatives, perfumes, drying fillers or heavy waxes.

Each micronized mineral sits gently on the surface of the skin, giving a luminous, flawless finish that allows skin to naturally breathe.


Product Description for THIN LIZZY Mineral Foundation Loose Powder 15g

  • Provides a full, flawless coverage without feeling heavy
  • Zinc Oxide acts as a mild anti-inflammatory – great for sensitive or acne-prone skin
  • Natural SPF15 Protection to protect your skin from harmful UV rays
  • No chemical preservatives or perfumes reducing risk of irritation
  • Use on face as well as neck, arms, legs and anywhere you want to camouflage skin flaws and discolourations.
  • Compliments the Professional 6in1 Powder perfectly

Tap the loose minerals into the lid, swirl the brush around the lid and tap off any excess on the side.

Gently buff and rotate onto skin to get the coverage you desire. Watch as your skin tone evens up giving you an instant glow!


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