Thin Lizzy Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

– Keep your makeup brushes germ-free with our wash ‘n’ dry brush cleaner
– Cleans and Dries Brushes in as Little as 30 Seconds
– Brushes are Ready to Reuse Right Away
– Quick and Easy to Use
– Hygienically Cleans the Bristles Minimising Potential Skin Breakouts and Flare-Ups
– Forces out bacteria, dead skin cells, old makeup and dirt right from the centre of your brush


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Product Description for Thin Lizzy Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

The Secret is the Centrifugal Spin Technology
Take the hassle out of the process and get the job done properly with the Instant Brush Cleaner. Attach and spin for a deep clean, and then remove your brushes dry and ready to use with no waiting time. 8 collar sizes to choose from, one for every brush you own.

When you clean your brushes regularly, they last longer and work better, plus you won’t be wiping nasty germs over your skin. Get flawless results with pristine brushes for a more beautiful, radiant you


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