THIN LIZZY All Day Flexi Mascara 10ml

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Designed to create flawless eyes with flexible micro-tubing polymers that wrap around individual lashes.

With staying power from sunrise to sunset and effortless removal, you can flutter those eyelashes all day long.


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Product Description for THIN LIZZY All Day Flexi Mascara 10ml

  • Creates natural everyday lashes with an even coating and glossy pigmentation
  • Water resistant and smudge proof – TIP: if lashes get wet, don’t touch them, they will reset
  • Only one application required to ensure long lasting volume and colour
  • Great for sensitive eyes, contact lenses or eye glass wearers
  • Use with your favourite thickening mascara as a final coat so it holds all day and doesn’t flake.

Apply the long-lasting Flexi Mascara to clean, dry lashes sweeping the wand upwards from the base of your lashes. Use the tip of the wand for those hard-to-reach places. Allow to dry. Wipe away any application errors with a dry cotton bud.

To remove: Gently apply pressure with a warm facecloth or cotton pad to wipe away mascara.


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