Taav VaporPro Pure Steam Vaporiser


Taav VaporPro Pure Steam Vaporiser



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Product Description for Taav VaporPro Pure Steam Vaporiser

Pure steam Vaporiser by Taav Vapor PRO, helps in relieving nasal congestion and symptoms associated with croup, cold, bronchitis and influenza. This steam from this device, acts lubricant to restrict irritation and break up congestion in the head, lungs & bronchial tubes.

  • Double wall insulation of the water reservoir for added protection.
  • Safety double pole cut out switch turns the electrical supply off to the unit when removing the element from the water reservoir.
  • A night light and safety light, allows for easy detection in a dark room and also shows when the unit is plugged in and operating.
  • Hard and soft water regulator.
  • A steam deflector has been added to ensure a regular outflow of steam




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