Sustagen Hospital Formula, Banana


Sustagen Hospital Formula 840g Banana


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Product Description for Sustagen Hospital Formula, Banana

SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula is a nutritionally complete supplement packed with a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals, plus it’s high in protein to help keep you strong and active.

Eating a balanced diet is important at any age, however a busy lifestyle or poor eating habits can sometimes mean you’re not meeting your recommended nutrition needs. So, it’s great to know there’s help available with SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula.

Whether you want to support your health or ensure you have the energy you need to keep active simply mix SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula with water for a boost of essential nutrients:
– High protein: 13.8g per serve to support muscle health
– Immune support with Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, folate and minerals copper, selenium, iron, and zinc
– Supports energy function: high in Magnesium & Iron
– Strong and healthy bones: high in calcium and Vitamin D

Size: 840g

Flavour: Banana


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