Serene Pod “Eclipse” Wax Scent Diffuser White

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Eclipse Serene Pod Warmer Features:
Spill-proof electric wax pod warmer
Long lasting 200+ hour wax pods
Creates a cloud of pure natural fragrance in minutes
Made from glazed Chinese porcelain
Designed for use with scented wax pods (sold separately)
Includes one Lemongrass Power scented serene pod


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Product Description for Serene Pod “Eclipse” Wax Scent Diffuser White

The mystery of a solar eclipse with its amazing corona was the inspiration for Peter Wirz when designing this beautiful wax warmer. Made of the finest Chinese porcelain available, the round shape of the Eclipse represents the moon and the light escaping from the gap between the two semi-spheres represents the solar corona. A celestial phenomenon is transformed into a terrestrial object of stunning power. The innovative Serene Pods have made the use of wax warmers like the Eclipse easier and faster than ever. Simply remove the upper sphere, then remove the cover of a Serene Pod Warmer and place it in the base of the Eclipse. Plug it in and return the spherical cover. Now all you have to do is sit down in your favorite armchair and wait for the fragrance to transport you away from the day’s rush.


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