Science Discovery Floating Train Set

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  • Electromagnetic power means the train really floats
  • Great way to learn about electromagnetism
  • No wheels – no motor – just SCIENCE!

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Product Description for Science Discovery Floating Train Set

The magic of magnetic levitation is here!

This Magnetic Levitation Floating Train Set uses the same technology as ‘Maglev’ trains, the fastest trains in the world. Maglev trains do not have wheels, rather they use magnets to propel forward without touching the ground, and because there’s no friction, they’re speedy and soundless.

Kids can build their own Maglev train set using a few simple tools (you’ll need a screwdriver and diagonal cutter) and before you know it, the model will be flying around the track at amazing speeds without ever having touched the ground!

Smartly gift boxed, this Magnetic Levitation Train Set is sure to impress young science geeks.


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