QIARA Infant 28 Sachet

Qiara Infant is a specific dose probiotic for babies. It contains the same single probiotic strain as Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding in a convenient Infant dose sachet for babies who are no longer breastfed (suitable for infants 1-24 months of age).

  • Qiara Infant probiotic may assist in maintaining the levels of normal healthy flora or restore protective bacteria that may have been impacted by a course of antibiotics during pregnancy, delivery or infancy.
  • Qiara Infant probiotic may help maintain a healthy digestive microflora balance.


Product Description for QIARA Infant 28 Sachet

Qiara for Your Baby

Breastmilk is your baby’s best source of essential nutrients and specific probiotic bacterial strains essential for healthy digestion and immune system development. It is beneficial to provide your baby with breastmilk and its benefits for as long as possible.

  • Supplementation of your baby’s diet with a specific probiotic for babies, such as Qiara Infant, particularly during and post weaning, may help build and maintain your babies’s beneficial flora levels which contribute to a healthy and robust microbiome and immune system


Qiara Infant Probiotic for babies 4-24 months – Add contents of one sachet to your infant’s prepared bottle or cup and stir, immediately prior to feeding once daily. Do not heat milk once probiotics have been added.

Probiotic for babies 1-4 months, use half a sachet. Open sachet can be used for 2 days from opening if stored at 2-8C (refrigerate, do not freeze).

Probiotic powder may be added to water, milk or soft food such as yoghurt.


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