Panadol Chewable Tablets 3+ Cherry Flavour

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For over 50 years, Children’s Panadol has given parents the confidence to get their kids back to being kids fast, through effective pain and fever relief. With Children’s Panadol, you can rest assured knowing that it works fast on fever.


Product Description for Panadol Chewable Tablets 3+ Cherry Flavour

It’s Australia’s leading brand for children’s pain relief, and the brand mums recommend & trust the most for their kids.

Trust Children’s Panadol to provide effective relief whilst also being suitable for your little ones. The active ingredient in Children’s Panadol is Paracetamol, which is suitable for 98{8c39acff53297fe85411b0c3a455755dcedb54e6c7932c6af4ed38db7b4ee3ba} of the population.


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