NYAL Mouth Ulcer Gel

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Nyal Mouth Ulcer Gel 10g Raspberry is for mouth ulcers and infant teething.

Nyal Mouth Ulcer Gel 10g Raspberry helps to relieve pain and aid healing.

Other Benefits:

– Suitable for Mouth Ulcers, Infant Teething, Sore Gums, Sore Palate, Sore Lips and Denture Discomfort.

– For use from 4 months old.

– Raspberry flavour.

– Sugar free.


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Product Description for NYAL Mouth Ulcer Gel

Active Ingredients:

Choline Salicylate 90mg/g, Benzalkonium Chloride 0.1mg/g, Ethanol (Alcohol) (95{8c39acff53297fe85411b0c3a455755dcedb54e6c7932c6af4ed38db7b4ee3ba}) 317mg/g in a Gel Base. 


Apply Nyal Mouth Ulcer Gel every 3 hours, before meals and bedtime.  Massage in well.

Transient mouth ulcers: Wipe surface free of mucus before application.

Infant Teething (from 4 months old): Do not apply more often than 3 hourly.


For infants under 4 months old consult your doctor.  If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.  Do not exceed the recommended dose.  Excessive and prolonged use can be harmful.  This product should not be given to patients known to be sensitive to salicylates.  Also contains Hydroxybenzoates.

Do not use if tube end seal is damaged.  Store below 30°C.


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