NOELLE TRAVEL SET – Outback Luxury 4pcs

Grab a piece of Australian natural luxury with you while you are on the move with this adventurous inspired OUTBACK LUXURY travel set.


Product Description for NOELLE TRAVEL SET – Outback Luxury 4pcs

This travel set contains all the essential daily bath and body care goodies that will pamper you from day to night. This flight-friendly amenity bag comes with four nourishing pieces of 60mL items, including body wash, body lotion, shampoo and hair conditioner.

Feeding your hunger for wanderlust and beautified at the same time cannot be any easier and satisfying.

Diversity is a true beauty in our Outback.  Nutrient-rich native fruits that fill our dishes also work miracles on our skin.


Quandong packs tremendous skin nourishing antioxidants, Wattleseed contains unique amino acid to protect our soft and delicate skin.


Enriched further with essential oils of Rose to help even skin-tone, Lavender to soothe and calm, and Geranium to improve texture and suppleness of skin.  The comforting aroma also relaxes your sense and pampers your mind.


Sounds like we have decoded the secret of youth preserving.


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