NOELLE TRAVEL SET – Marine Luxury 3pcs

Getaway and enjoy your traveling moments with this MARINE LUXURY travel set, packing all the essential bath and body care items you need.


Product Description for NOELLE TRAVEL SET – Marine Luxury 3pcs

This flight-friendly toiletry bag contains a hair & body wash, a body & hand lotion, and a hair conditioner in 50mL, giving you all the convenience to keep yourself regenerated and beautified all the time.

Oh, it also packs a ton of Australian natural indulgence whenever you use these Tasmanian Brown Seaweed enriched bath and body goodies!

Tasmania Brown Seaweed is packed with cell regenerative fucoidan, that deeply nourishes hair and skin, boosts hair and skin strengthening proteins while increasing moisture retention and smoothness.

Further blended with natural essential oils of Lemon and Sweet Orange to uplift your spirit, Lavender, and Peppermint to soothe and comfort your delicate hair and skin, while Geranium to balance hair and skin tone.  Neroli is beautifully infused to naturally fragrant the blend.


Preservative-free, and do not contain artificial colors, parabens, and dimethicones.


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