Medi Herb Mushroom Forte 90 Tablets

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Product Description for Medi Herb Mushroom Forte 90 Tablets

MediHerb Mushroom Forte tablets contain a specific ratio of Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake mushrooms in a synergistic formula (patent pending).

MediHerb Mushroom Forte tablets are made with fruiting body extracts for confidence in the level of mushroom beta-glucans.

MediHerb Mushroom Forte Pack size: 90 Tabs

MediHerb Mushroom Forte is Vegan, Vegetarian

MediHerb Mushroom Forte No Added Gluten, No Added Dairy

1 review for Medi Herb Mushroom Forte 90 Tablets

  1. Scarlett Lynch

    I regularly required antibiotics for chronic sore throats and sinusitis. For the passed 2 years my Naturapath has prescribed Mushroom Forte and I have not required antibiotics.I am amazed at how effective this medication is .

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