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The Medescan Face & Body Rejuvenator is a waterproof unit ideal for use in the bathroom. Your Medescan Rejuvenator comes complete with 4 interchangeable attachments: Body Cleaning Brush, Facial Brush, Facial Sponge and a Pumice Stone.



Body Brush:
Is suitable for hand and body application. Simply apply your favourite cleanser to the surface of the brush and gently move across your skin in a circular motion.
Pumice Stone:
Please soak your feet in warm water then wipe dry. Apply the pumice stone to the heel and move in a circular motion. The rotating pumice stone will remove hardened skin and dead cells. This attachment may also be used on elbows.
Face Sponge:
The cosmetic facial sponge gently massages activating skin activity and elasticity. Treatment with the facial sponge also greatly increases the absorption and penetration of beauty products and creams.
Gently move the sponge across your face in circular motion.
Face Brush:
The bristles of the face brush are specifically designed for the soft and tender skin of the face. For best results, apply your favourite cleanser to the brush and gently move across your face in a circular motion.
Please ensure the brush remains flat against the skin and not on an angle to avoid any irritation.


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