LAVERA ORGANIC Beautiful Lips Lipstick

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Welcome to Lavera’s Color Intense collection, their most highly pigmented lipsticks. They’re creamy and luscious and so comfortable to wear. And did we mention they’re available in a range of gorgeous shades?! Since we end up ingesting whatever we put on our lips, it only makes sense to be choosy about our lipsticks


Product Description for LAVERA ORGANIC Beautiful Lips Lipstick

We’ve all heard of the new lipsticks that look untouched on your lips for a day at a time. While Lavera’s lipsticks do have staying power, they’re made with all-natural ingredients so you will need to take a minute to reapply them during the day. The good news is that you aren’t drying out your lips or ingesting ingredients like silicone, heavy metals, D&C Red Dye No. 21 and parabens! Lavera Color Intense delivers beautiful color along with peace of mind.


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