LAVERA Brilliant Care Lipstick

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Welcome to Lavera’s Brilliant Care collection, the most intensely moisturizing lipcolors you’ll find in the natural beauty industry. Its innovative formula prevents lips from drying out, and the delicate creamy colors glide on for a lightweight finish with a subtle shine. Their slender tubes make them the perfect lipstick to tuck into a tiny purse or pocket.


Product Description for LAVERA Brilliant Care Lipstick

Since we end up ingesting whatever we put on our lips, it only makes sense to be choosy about our lipsticks. Lavera takes all the guesswork out of the question, “Is this safe?” Not only are all their lipsticks free of synthetic chemicals and heavy metals, but they’re a nourishing treat for your lips because they’re packed with hydrating and soothing oils.

Creamy Nut is bronzey-tawny-nudey perfection. It’s a look that’s very much happening right now, and we don’t see it going anywhere for a long time. It’s a new classic that’s fun to dress up or down.


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