Jojoba Firming & Radiance Holiday Gift Set

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Firming & Radiance Holiday Gift Set is great gift for all skin types.


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Product Description for Jojoba Firming & Radiance Holiday Gift Set

Immerse your loved ones (or yourself!) with the most iconic signature Firming & Radiance Holiday Gift Set while unveiling the timeless secrets of radiant skin. This luxurious thoughtfully curated bundle is designed to captivate the hearts of skin care lovers, a celebration of timeless beauty that boosts hydration, luminates and firms skin. Elevate your gifting experience and make this holiday season truly unforgettable.

Treat your loved one to the ultimate in quality, health and wellness this Christmas with this limited edition holiday gift Set. With its luxurious ingredients and personalized packaging, it’s sure to make a lasting impression.

Presented in a gorgeous golden gift box, this Gift Set is a symphony of luxury and festivity, evokes the magic of the holiday season. Whether you’re gifting it to a friend or treating yourself, this bundle is an embodiment of thoughtfulness and refinement.

Gift Set Includes:

Ultimate Serum 30ml

Using naturally derived peptide Ameliox, and two weights of Hyaluronic Acid, this powerful natural anti-ageing facial serum will deeply hydrate, visibly reduce wrinkles and plump skin. Now with innovative vegan collagen HumaColl21, which is proven to outperform leading anti-ageing actives including retinol*, vitamin C and marine collagen, skin will be left soft and supple with a rejuvenated, firm appearance.

Ultimate Youth Potion 30ml

Using the full spectrum of vitamins, antioxidants and essential omegas from pure jojoba and plant oils, this natural facial oil is enriched with the patented L22 formula which mimics the skin lipid profile of a healthy 22 year old to deeply hydrate, firm and restore the complexion. Putting back what age takes away.

Australian Jojoba 30ml

Sustainably grown at our Beresford Farm in the nutrient-rich fields of Yenda, our signature Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba activates your skin’s natural intelligence. The incredible healing properties of this ancient super-ingredient deliver visibly transformative results, naturally. Our Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba is extra-virgin, cold-pressed and filtered 14 times to create the superior concentrated extract.


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