• Will relieve soreness on baby’s bottom
  • Will help to relieve any nappy rash
  • Will help to keep the skin moist
  • Will produce natural, quiet sleep, by relieving the child of irritations and wounds
  • Will help moisturise the areas applied




Aloe Vera has long been known as a gentle, natural soothing and healing product. Even as far back as 3600 years ago, the Egyptians noted the benefits of Aloe in the Papyrus Ebers, and later, in the 1st Century AD, in the Roman chronicles of Pliny the Elder, Aloe Vera was again mentioned as a beneficial substance for herbal medicine. Nowadays, after many years of extensive use in a wide variety of products ranging from paper tissues to sunscreen cream, Aloe Vera is known for its safe and soothing effect on delicate skins, just like infants. The Aloe Vera in Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera one of the gentlest and most effective moisturising ingredients available, is grown naturally on farms in central Queensland, Australia.

Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera also contains that good old standby; zinc oxide which has been safely used for many years. Traditionally, creams containing zinc oxide is often a versatile component of first aid kits. From the earliest records of medicine, the use of pushpanjan, (zinc oxide), as a salve for open wounds, is mentioned in the Indian medical text the Charaka Samhita thought to date from 500 BC. Zinc oxide ointment is also mentioned by the Greek physician Dioscorides (1st century AD). Avicenna mentions zinc oxide in the Canon of Medicine (1025 AD), as a preferred treatment for a variety of skin conditions. It is very effective in treating skin irritation and wounds and it has very few reported side effects, but it may interact with certain other drugs. Ointments containing zinc oxide provide a barrier to skin irritants and lessen friction between the nappy and delicate skin, according to the Medicine Net website. When mixed with Aloe Vera as it is in Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera it is very easy to apply without causing baby any discomfort.

Lanolin, which is sustainably extracted from sheep wool, is also an important ingredient in Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera. Lanolin has also been used for centuries in traditional remedies and ointments used to repair skin irritations. As with the other traditional ingredients lanolin has stood the test of time as a safe, gentle moisturising cream with modern technology revealing that this effect is partly due to the chemical similarity of the Lanolin lipids and human skin lipids. In combination with the other ingredients in Infants’ Friend Comfy Baby Cream with Aloe Vera makes certain baby is always comfortable.

Other natural ingredients that help keep baby comfortable are, Olive Fruit Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rose Hip Fruit Oil and Shea Butter, which whilst only present in small quantities help make the product unique and highly effective.


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