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1st Care Premium Hot/Cold Knee Gel Wrap offers effective relief from chronic pain or pain from injuries and knocks thanks to its hot/cold effect. Ideal for people who practice sports or who need to relieve pain or discomfort in the knee area.  Can also be applied to the elbow or ankle.


  • For applying heat to sore and tense muscles
  • For applying cold to contusions, sprains and bruises as well as inflammation and swelling
  • Use warm to help increase blood flow, ease stiffness and tension
  • Neoprene gel wrap conforms to the shape of the knee
  • Removeable independent gel bag (put in freezer or microwave to cool or heat)
  • Relieves pain and speeds up recovery
  • Can also be used on elbow or ankle
  • Suitable for microwave or freezer
  • Reusable Neoprene Gel Wrap
  • Simply wrap and strap to use
  • Practical pocket for gel packs


  • 1 x Knee Wraps With Gel Inserts
  • Wrap Size: 75cm x 15cm
  • Removable Gel Insert: 18cm x 13cm
  • Use Hot or Cold
  • Hot- Microwave 15-20 Seconds
  • Cold- Freezer 1 Hour
  • Adjustable and Reusable
  • Fits Left and Right Knee
  • Can Be Used for Ankle and Elbow


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