Fess Frequent Flyer Travel Pack

Fess Frequent Flyer travel pack contains Fess non-medicated natural nasal spray for relief from congestion + a pack of 15 effervescent health boost tablets for frequent flyers.


Product Description for Fess Frequent Flyer Travel Pack

The nasal spray offers natural relief from nasal congestion for travellers. Fess non-medicated Frequent Flyer Saline Nasal Spray with added moisturisers,, tea Tree Oil and Xylitol .  Helps guard again airborne bacteria ,washes away pollutants , moisturises nasal passages.

Health boost tablets help support your immune system. each health boost tablet is loaded with 1000mg of vitaminC, Zinc, Echinacea and essential herbs and minerals.These tablets are free from sugar, caffeine and artificial colour.


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