Fefol Delayed Capule 30

Helps Boosts Energy during periods of iron and folate deficiency.^

Slowly disintegrating spansule technology gentle on the stomach.


Product Description for Fefol Delayed Capule 30

FEFOL Iron & Folate supplement works in these ways:

    It uses delayed release spansule technology, consisting of tiny wax coated pellets which release at different stages over several hours. This means iron absorption is supported.
    Because FEFOL spansules contain folic acid, to help support metabolic usage of iron, it actively helps restores healthy iron levels, in those with medically diagnosed iron deficiency/anaemia.^
    Specifically formulated to help reduce the likelihood of symptoms of mild constipation and nausea, thought to be sometimes associated with iron supplementation.

FEFOL Iron & Folate supplement contains

    • IRON
      Fefol contains high dose elemental iron(87.4mg) to assist those with iron deficiencies.^
      Fefol contains 300mcg of folic acid, which helps support the metabolic utilisation of iron, thereby helping to restore healthy iron levels.^

FEFOL is a Registered Medicine available only from Pharmacy.


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