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Emla cream can be used for procedures including taking blood samples, vaccination, inserting an intravenous catheter, minor superficial cosmetic procedures and procedures on genital skin.

Emla is a local skin anaesthetic that is applied to the skin prior to procedures such as needles, to help prevent pain. By applying emla at home prior to your procedure, you can significantly reduce the pain and distress for you and your child.


Topical anaesthesia of the skin in connection with:

– intact skin prior to minor dermatological procedures (e.g. needle insertion and surgical treatment of localised lesions) and prior to dermal procedures on larger areas e.g. split skin grafting.

– dermal procedures on newly shaven skin of large body areas e.g. laser hair removal

– Topical anaesthesia of the genital mucosa, e.g. prior to superficial surgical procedures or prior to infiltration anaesthesia of mucosa.

– Topical anaesthesia of leg ulcers to facilitate mechanical cleansing/debridement.


EMLA Cream is indicated in the following age groups: neonates 0-2 months, infants 3-11 months and children 1-11 years, for topical anaesthesia of the skin in connection with needle insertion e.g. iv catheters or blood sampling and in superficial surgical procedure. EMLA Cream is also indicated in children with atopic dermatitis prior to curettage of mollusca.

Studies have failed to demonstrate efficacy of EMLA for heel lancing in newborn infants.


Instructions on how to use it are included in the box. Please read them carefully. The instructions also give maximum doses for adults and children. Do not exceed the maximum doses.


lignocaine 25 mg/g, prilocaine 25 mg/g


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