Earclear Swimmers Ear 40mL

Ear Clear for the treatment of Swimmerˊs Ear

Swimmer’s ear is an inflammation or infection of the skin lining the outer ear canal. It is caused by conditions that cause moisture to be trapped in the ear canal such as swimming, tropical weather or a build-up of wax in the ear.

The symptoms of swimmer’s ear are pain, tenderness, and smelly discharge. Hearing may also be affected. There may be redness and swelling of the skin of the external ear canal. If you swim frequently, swimmer’s ear may easily recur so prevention is very important.


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Product Description for Earclear Swimmers Ear 40mL

Swimmer’s ear is a painful inflammation that occurs when water is trapped in the ear canal following swimming, diving, surfing or showering.
EarClear Swimmer’s Ear has a dual action that treats and prevents swimmer’s ear. It relieves and treats painful inflammation of swimmer’s ear, whilst it also helps prevent this condition by druing up excess water.

  • Dual Action Formula. Prevention and treatment of swimmer’s ear.
  • Suitable for preventing and treating swimmer’s ear


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