Dymadon for Kids From 2-12 years 100ML

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Dymadon® for Kids contains paracetamol and has been developed to provide gentle and effective temporary relief of your child’s pain and fever.


Product Description for Dymadon for Kids From 2-12 years 100ML

Paracetamol can be used to temporarily relieve the pain and fever associated with headache, earache, symptoms of cold and flu, toothache and immunisations.

Dymadon® for kids is a great tasting, orange or strawberry flavoured, colour-free oral liquid suspension formulated for children aged between 2 and 12 years of age.

Dymadon® for kids comes in two pack sizes 100mL and 200mL.

The 100mL Dymadon® pack is the perfect size to pack in your bags when travelling or to keep on hand at grandma’s house just in-case. The bigger 200mL pack is a handy addition to your medicine cabinet because you never know when pain or fever might strike.


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