DAKTOZIN Oint 1% Tube 90g

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Daktozin Ointment is ideal for nappy rash associated with fungal infections.


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Product Description for DAKTOZIN Oint 1% Tube 90g

Daktozin Ointment is a broad spectrum product. It has been specially formulated to treat the fungal infections commonly associated with nappy rash. Daktozin also contains 15% zinc oxide, which helps prevent redness and irritation. Formulated into an ointment that is significantly thicker than a cream, Daktozin won’t rub off as soon as baby’s nappy is replaced.

After cleaning and drying the entire affected area, apply ointment gently without rubbing each time the nappy is changed. Continue treatment for seven days or until signs of infection have completely cleared. If symptoms persist see your doctor or pharmacist.


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