DAKTARIN Pressurised Spray 100g

Daktarin Pressurised Spray For Athlete’s Foot Is A Broad Spectrum Antifungal Treatment Ideal For Treating Common Fungal And Candidal Skin Infections.


Product Description for DAKTARIN Pressurised Spray 100g

Active Ingredients

Daktarin Spray contains Miconazole nitrate 20mg/g and Ethanol 10{8c39acff53297fe85411b0c3a455755dcedb54e6c7932c6af4ed38db7b4ee3ba} w/w.


Shake well before use.

Before application, clean and dry affected area thoroughly.

Hold the can about 15cm from the area to be treated.

Apply a thin layer of the Daktarin Spray twice daily to the affected area.

Continue treatment for up to 2 weeks after the signs of infection have disappeared.


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