CURASEPT Oral Care System 0.05% Chlorhexidine Toothpaste 75mL

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Curasept Toothpaste with 0.05% sodium fluoride and 0.05% chlorhexidine for daily use.

With our patented ADS (Anti Discolouration System) – so no staining of the teeth, gums or tongue.

Especially suited to patients with orthodontic appliances or bands but recommended to all as an excellent every day toothpaste.

An ideal gel/toothpaste containing NO sodium lauryl sulphate (“SLS”). Recommended where the patient is using chlorhexidine mouthwashes. Chlorhexidine will adhere to the patient’s gums and teeth for up to 12 hours doing its job. SLS is a detergent-like substance which washes the chlorhexidine away – something we definitely do not want to happen. SLS is an ingredient in most commonly available toothpastes.

SLS is also often associated with the formation of apthus ulcers – again something to be avoided.


Product Description for CURASEPT Oral Care System 0.05% Chlorhexidine Toothpaste 75mL

All Curasept chlorhexidine products are alcohol free, non staining and they will not affect your taste perception. They offer excellent protection and improved efficacy through better patient compliance. In other words, if it doesn’t hurt and if it doesn’t stain without any loss of performance, then patients will use it. All Curasept toothpastes are SLS free

1 review for CURASEPT Oral Care System 0.05% Chlorhexidine Toothpaste 75mL

  1. Werner John mit ketty

    I also got pyles and this curasept works better then pyles creem so I’m recommend it and it’s a good product for men and woman’s pyles as well

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