CREWMAN Gym Gift Set

CREWMAN Gym Gift Set includes –

4pc Hair Body Wash 250ml, Roll On Deodorant 75ml, Towel Sweatband


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Product Description for CREWMAN Gym Gift Set

Stay clean and smelling great in the gym with the Crewman Gym Gift Set. This set includes a 250ml bottle of Crewman Gym Hair Body Wash, a 75ml bottle of Crewman Gym Roll-On Deo, a sweatband and towel. The Hair Body Wash is a shampoo and body wash all in one, perfect for keeping you clean and fresh in the gym. The Roll-On Deo provides long-lasting protection against odor, so you can stay focused on your workout.

1 x Crewman Gym Gift Set 4pc Hair Body Wash 250ml, Roll On Deo 75ml, Towel Sweatband


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