CleanEars Earwax Removal Spray 30mL

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Product Description for CleanEars Earwax Removal Spray 30mL

CleanEars Earwax Removal Spray is a 2-in-1 solution that dissolves earwax and irrigates the ear canal.

CleanEars provides a mechanical cleansing action using natural oils (squalene, derived from oilive oil and spearmint oil) via the easy-to-use spray applicator its spray mechanism provides deep penetration into the earwax layers, while avoiding the risk of perforation due to its equalised pressure and dispersion.

A safer alternative to cotton buds, CleanEars Spray is applied via its non-invasive spray nozzle to prevent ear plugging. CleanEars is perfect for anyone who experience excess earwax and ear wax impaction including children and babies over 2 months and people with removable hearing aids.

CleanEars Earwax Removal Spray is *clinically tested. Speak to your Audiologist, Pharmacist or Health Care Professional for more information on BioRevive CleanEars Earwax Removal Spray.


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