CHICCO – SkinToSkin Nipple Shields 2pcs

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Encourage breastfeeding in case of discomfort or stretch marks


Product Description for CHICCO – SkinToSkin Nipple Shields 2pcs

They protect the breast and thus facilitate the continuity of breastfeeding.

The shape of the teatcup and its extra fine thickness facilitate the transmission of the temperature and smell of the chest. They allow the maximum contact of the nose and chin of the baby with the skin of the breast, thus maximizing the tactile and olfactory sensations that characterize breastfeeding.

The special ergonomic shape of the teatcup, extra cut up and down, is designed to ensure contact of the nose and chin of the baby with the skin of the chest, for a very natural shot.

The extra fine thickness makes the liner almost invisible and facilitates the transmission of heat from the mother. With silicone “effect mom, extra soft finish, for a very natural sensation during the shots.

The oval shape of the teatcup favors an adequate position of the mouth and a correct grasp of the breast. The vertical fissures allow the milk to flow naturally and continuously, without interruption


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