CHICCO – NaturalFeeling Silicon Teats 2pcs

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Thanks to the truly angled teat, NaturalFeeling ensures correct and intuitive suction, just like at your breast, giving you peace of mind.


Product Description for CHICCO – NaturalFeeling Silicon Teats 2pcs

Natural Feeling Teats guarantee even more Natural Latch-on as mother’s breast.It is made up of estremely soft silicone material. Its Twin Anti colic valve prevents air ingestion, reducing the risk of colic.
The inclined teat is specific for newborns:
a) Always full of milk, reduces the swallowing of air
b)Encourages the correct neck position for newborns
c) Flexors at the base simulate the mother’s breast and increase the elasticity and flexibility of the teat.

Twin Anti-colic valve: prevents air-ingestion, reducing the risk of colic.
Flexors at the base: enhance flexibility and elasticity of the teat.
Correct position: Favours feeding in the most natural way and ensures that milk is always full in the teat
Extra soft silicone: for a natural feeling like a mother’s breast


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