CHICCO – NaturalFeeling Feeding Bottle

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Chicco Step Up New Feeding bottles are the unique feeding bottle range which follows baby’s growth in the most natural way. It has unique inclined & rounded teat specific for newborn. 


Product Description for CHICCO – NaturalFeeling Feeding Bottle

Feeding bottle with inclined teat that reproduces the sensation of breastfeeding .

Inclined nipple for an instinctive breastfeeding and a comfortable position during breastfeeding.

Always full of milk, it prevents the ingestion of air for an anti-colic action. Baby reproduces the same suction movements as in breast, naturally positioning his lips on the rounded base. The extra-soft silicone recalls the softness of the maternal breast.

The NaturalFeeling tilt is immediately accepted by 96% of babies.
Facilitates the alternation between the bottle and the breast for 95% of the mothers.


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