CHICCO – Natural Feeling First Starter Set

The complete range of products and specific accessories to live the stage of breastfeeding serenely and the longest possible time.


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Product Description for CHICCO – Natural Feeling First Starter Set

Chicco Natural Feeling First Starter Set Of 7

♦ A full range of products specifically designed to experience breastfeeding for the longest time and in the most relaxing way possible, All Naturalfeeling products are designed to provide comfort and practicality for mothers and also wellbeing for babies, to enjoy that unique bond between them.


♦ Brand: Chicco

♦ The set contains:

2 x 150ml Natural Feeling bottle with normal flow teat

2 x 250ml Natural Feeling bottle with adjustable flow teat

1 x Natural Feeling teat with medium flow

1 x Physio Soother Soft pacifier

1 x 3 in1 Baby Bottle Brush


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