Blink Intensive Tears EyeDrops 20 x 0.4mL

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Product Description for Blink Intensive Tears EyeDrops 20 x 0.4mL

long-lasting relief

Blink Intensive tears drops can hold moisture in the eye for up to 60 minutes, helping to reduce discomfort.

Advanced formula

The innovative OcuPure preservative technology replicates a natural ingredient found in tears to help with lubrication.

Provides protection

Designed to be used daily to provide relief to contact lens wearers who suffer with dry, irritated or uncomfortable eyes.


Polyethylene Glycol 400 (PEG 400) – 0.25% | Sodium Hyaluronate (viscosity enhancer) – 0.20% and a blend of buffers and electrolytes to bring the solution closer to natural tears.


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