BLACKMORES Skin Barrier 50g

A moisturising cream with Depollutine™ and Phytovie™ to help protect skin from the harsh environment.


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Product Description for BLACKMORES Skin Barrier 50g

A protective and hydrating cream blended with nourishing plant derived oils containing omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that form a film on the skin, providing a layer of protection from environmental pollutants with added Depollutine™ and Phytovie™.

Why use

Contains natural vitamin E combined with the hydrating and soothing effects of microalgae with grapeseed oil to soften the skin. Blackmores Natural Vitamin E Cream Skin Barrier helps to:

  • Form a film on the skin
  • Protect skin from environmental pollutants
  • Moisturise and replenish skin

The Blackmores difference

Added Depollutine™ and Phytovie™
No artificial colours or fragrances.

Paraben free.


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