Bisolvon Dry Honey Lime Pastilles 20 Pack

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Rapidly relieves a dry, irritating cough. Helps soothe the throat.


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Product Description for Bisolvon Dry Honey Lime Pastilles 20 Pack

When should I use Bisolvon Dry Pastilles?

Bisolvon Dry Pastilles are used to relieve a dry, irritating cough and help soothe the throat irritated by coughing. Bisolvon Dry Pastilles should not be used for a productive chesty cough.

Symptoms of dry cough

  • Nagging tickle in the throat /airways
  • Continuous urge to cough without any phlegm
  • The chest feels clear, without wheezing or congestion
  • The cough sounds dry
  • The continuing need to cough may make it hard to sleep at night


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