Bisolvon Chesty Forte 200ml

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Bisolvon Chesty Forte is used in conditions where breathing is difficult because there are a lot of secretions (also referred to as mucus) in your air passages


Product Description for Bisolvon Chesty Forte 200ml

Bisolvon Chesty Forte contains bromhexine hydrochloride, which helps to clear the chest by thinning the mucus in your air passages.

The recommended doses for Bisolvon Chesty Forte Oral Liquid in adults and children are stated below:


Each 5 mL of Bisolvon Chesty Forte Oral Liquid contains bromhexine hydrochloride 8 mg.

The other ingredients contained in Bisolvon Chesty Forte Oral Liquid are:

* maltitol solution * sucralose * benzoic acid * menthol * chocolate flavour 96534-33 * cherry flavour 96323-33 * purified water


Adults: 5 mL three times a day. This dose can be increased to 10 mL three times a day for the first 7 days.


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