BIOGLAN Clinical Curcumin 60 Tablets

Bioglan Curcumin provides a potent dose of curcumin to help combat inflammation throughout the body.



Product Description for BIOGLAN Clinical Curcumin 60 Tablets

What is Bioglan Curcumin for?
Curcumin is from Turmeric, one of nature’s best known traditional herbs against inflammation. Modern science is beginning to show that inflammation in our body is a major contributor to many western health conditions.

Why should I use Bioglan Curcumin?
Curcumin helps provide:

Mild arthritis pain relief
Increased joint mobility
Anti-inflammatory support
Relief of digestive discomfort

Take 1-3 tablets daily with food, or as advised by your healthcare professional.

The Bioglan Difference
Bioglan is Australia’s #1 selling Turmeric supplement brand throughout pharmacy in Australia.

^ Source: Aztec Data Grocery and Pharmacy MAT as of 2/7/2017, based on dollar value.


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