Bioceuticals Ubiquinol-Q10 Max Capsules 30

Ubiquinol-Q10 Max is a unique blend of two forms of coenzyme Q10, 150mg ubiquinol and 150mg ubidecarenone per capsule.Ubiquinol is the reduced (active) form and ubidecarenone is the oxidised form of coenzyme Q10, both required by the body for various processes.


Product Description for Bioceuticals Ubiquinol-Q10 Max Capsules 30

  • Contains ubiquinol, the active form of coenzyme Q10, which has superior absorption and higher bioavailability than other forms of coenzyme Q10.
  • Contains ubidecarenone, a cost effective and readily absorbed form of coenzyme Q10.
  • Maintains cellular energy production through its role as a cofactor in oxidative phosphorylation and the electron transport (respiratory) chain.
  • Provides potent antioxidant activity to maintain cellular health.
  • Regenerates other antioxidants including vitamins C and E.
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function.

Dose  Adults: Take 1 capsule once daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


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