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Azelaic acid-Finacea gel is a topical treatment for papulo-pustular rosacea and mild-to-moderate acne vulgaris.



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Product Description for FINACEA 15% GEL 30 G


Finacea is used to treat the following conditions:


  • Mild to moderate acne vulgaris, usually simply called acne
  • Rosacea, where the skin on the nose and cheeks has one or more of the following features: a redness that looks like a blush; pimples; small knobbly lumps on the nose and / or thin red lines due to enlarged blood vessels.If using Finacea for rosacea, you should contact a doctor for a correct diagnosis of your condition before commencing treatment.When rubbed into the skin, the azelaic acid in Finacea kills the bacteria that cause acne. In addition Finacea stops the acne relevant (epidermal) skin cells from growing too strongly and thus blocking the pores of the skin to form pimples.It is not known exactly how Finacea works to treat rosacea.Finacea has been especially formulated for use in acne patients with greasy skin conditions.There is no evidence that Finacea is addictive


Finacea should be applied to the affected areas of the skin morning and night, and should be used regularly over several months. This dosage may be modified by your doctor or pharmacist.

Use of Finacea more than twice daily will not increase its effectiveness, and could cause irritation.

Finacea should be massaged into the skin gently until it vanishes.

Finacea should be applied sparingly (approximately 0.5g, equivalent to a 2.5cm strip of gel is sufficient for the entire facial area).



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