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Enjoy complete peace of mind with the new Philips AVENT range of DECT Baby Monitors. You can relax, safe in the knowledge your baby’s happy even when you are out of the room.

DECT Baby Monitor SCD520/00


Product Description for AVENT DECT BABY MONITOR

DECT technology guarantees zero interference

DECT technology guarantees zero interference from any other transmitting product like other baby monitors, cordless phones and cell phones. Data encryption provides a secure and private connection, so you can be sure that you are the only one that can hear your baby

Reassurance with crystal clear sound

Hear every tiny giggle, gurgle and hic-up with perfect clarity. DECT technology provides high quality, crystal clear sound so you can hear your baby anytime

Extra long range for total mobility

With a range of 330m, belt clip and neck cord so you can be fully mobile in and around the home.

Up to 24 hour operation time before recharge

The small, rechargeable parent unit will give you the freedom of cordless roaming for up to 24 hours before re-charging is required

LEDs light to signal noise levels

Lights are activated to indicate the level of sound in your baby’s room. Even with the parent unit is muted, a sound alert will notify you when a set sound level is reached

Choose the best sound level for your surroundings

Enables you to adjust the sound and volume levels, so you can hear every giggle, gurgle and hic-up

Always know that you are connected

The parent unit of the Philips Avent baby monitor will alert when the power is low, or if you are out of range

Remote activated night light and lullabies

Your baby may still be restless when you first put them to bed. Help soothe and calm your baby to sleep with the warm tranquil glow of the night light. Activate from the parent or baby unit. (Remote activation not available in US) There’s nothing like a gentle lullaby to calm a restless baby. From any room in the house you can elect one of 5 relaxing tunes, helping your baby to drift effortlessly to sleep in no time. (Remote activation not available in US and Canada)

Stay connected with talk back

Sometimes all your baby needs is the soothing sound of your voice. With one click of this essential feature you can connect with your baby from anywhere around the home

Monitor the temperature in baby’s room

Your baby can’t regulate its body temperature as well as you can and a slight change in temperature can make your baby restless. A special electronic temperature sensor will immediately alert you, through the digital display on the parent unit, if your baby’s room becomes too hot or too cold


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